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    Provider Institute helps community service providers to establish and maintain effective Quality Management Systems so that you and your team can deliver high-quality, safe, and consistent outcomes for your clients.

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Industry-Leading Documentation, Expert Guidance and Practical Education

  • NDIS and Aged Care Policies and Procedures tailored to your business with quick and easy online ordering.
  • A comprehensive library of NDIS and Aged Care Policy & Procedure templates, supporting forms and operational documents.
  • Stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations with Provider Institute's easy-to-understand Watch.Read.Do system.
  • Meet your Compliance obligations and always be ready for audit.
  • NDIS Compliance, Aged Care Compliance, WHS, Employment, Privacy, and broad industry support.
  • Stop wasting time filtering through multiple sources of industry information. Use Provider Institute as your one-stop shop.
  • Keep your policies and procedures up to date and in line with changing regulations.
  • Free webinars and courses outlining how to implement changing compliance obligations so you and your staff feel confident.

Your Flexible Provider Compliance Solution

We understand that community service provider businesses come in all sizes and are at different stages of their service delivery journey. That’s why Provider Institute is a flexible platform that can adapt to the needs of any organisation.

With no platform lock-ins, our documentation is developed in easy to use Word or Excel templates that can be tailored to your individual needs, using the systems and software that you already have in place.

Quality Management for Community Service Providers, Big or Small.

From start-ups to established organisations, all community service providers can count on the expert guidance, advice, and on-the-ground knowledge delivered by Provider Institute to establish an effective Quality Management System and maintain their ongoing Compliance obligations.

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Take the headache out of your Provider Compliance Obligations

Provider Institute of Australia helps you and your team stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes and ensure you deliver best practice services with Watch.Read.Do.

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Watch.Read.Do is an integral part of a maintaining your Quality Management obligations.

A lady sits on a laptop with Provider Institute on the screen as she reviews the NDIS Registration Pack as part of establishing an effective Quality Management System

Time-Sensitive, Cost-Effective Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures tailored to your business for NDIS or Aged Care Home Care.

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Industry leading Documentation

Access our growing library of 200+ Policy & Procedure templates, supporting forms and operational documents.

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A collection of Policies and Procedures to illustrate a document library with NDIS Compliance at the focus

A group of young professionals sit around a wooden table reviewing documents to illustrate NDIS Provider Consultant Support when needed for their Quality Management System

One-On-One Consultant Support When You Need It

Need advice or assistance with your Quality Management needs? Purchase blocks of time that allow you to access direct support from Provider Institute’s Consulting team.

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Provider Institute saves us time and gives us confidence knowing our practices continue to align with changing industry standards. I used to spend a lot of time sifting through information to stay up to date and maintain compliance. It gives me confidence now knowing I have the reliable information I need, in one spot, to discuss with my team and implement changes. It’s made a real difference, I don’t know why I put it off!

Harmony Homecare

Setting up my new NDIS business just wouldn’t have been possible without Provider Institute. I wouldn’t have had the time to compile all of the templates and forms I needed for my business and I’m not sure I would have been able to start. I’ve been really happy with the service and am now ready for the accreditation stage.

Amaroo Accommodation Services

I’ve been given back hours in my days to focus on what’s most important to me – helping my clients. It’s a weight off my shoulders knowing that when industry changes happen, I can go into Provider Institute and get the information I need on how I can implement the changes in my business.

Support Care Angels

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Subscription?

Registering as a provider is only the first step in delivering supports to vulnerable members of our community. Provider Institute’s resources are designed to support providers through any industry changes that may impact on day to day business operations. With an ongoing subscription, you can rest assured knowing that our templates and resources will always be updated to align with changes, and that our Watch.Read.Do compliance feature will keep you and your team informed and educated about what those changes mean to you.

How Will a Subscription Save Me Money?

As a provider operating in the community sector, you will be required to undergo Audit. Whether this is an Audit under the NDIS, or a Quality Review in Aged Care, audits are, and will continue to be, a pivotal part of maintaining your approval status. Not only this, but audits exist to ensure your business is doing the right thing by the people it supports.

A large part of the Audit process is a review of your documentation and processes to ensure your business is up to date and aligned with the latest legislative and regulatory requirements. Unfortunately, with the consistent changes, staying current with this information is a cost of your time, money and internal resources. And that’s precisely why Provider Institute’s subscription model exsits – we source the changes, send you the updates, let you know they mean and provide advice on how to implement the changes in your business.

By staying on top of these changes with up to date documentation, you reduce the risk of non-compliance at audit – saving you time, money, stress and resources in the long run. It’s that simple.

Does Provider Institute Support Organisations Of All Sizes?

Yes! With Provider Institute Teams, you can add or remove users at any time. From sole traders to large organisations, we’ve got you covered.

Can I Cancel, Upgrade or Downgrade Later?

You certainly can. No matter which plan you choose when signing up, you can always change it at a later time.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

All subscriptions and product purchases can be made by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Is My Payment Information Secure?

Yes. We use Stripe to process all payments through Provider Institute. Stripe is a global online payment processer that exceeds the most stringent security standards.

When Do I Pay?

The payment for your first billing period will be taken upfront. We’ll email a reminder of your upcoming renewal 7 days prior to your next billing date.

The search for a flexible, trustworthy and reliable Quality Management System is over!

Start delivering long-lasting, memorable services to your clients today with our all-in-one provider compliance solution.

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