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What is Provider Institute?

Provider Institute is an interactive compliance portal that helps you to discover, understand and implement the legislative and regulatory changes that directly impact your organisation, based on your region and service delivery.

Provider Institute Membership Benefits

  • Watch.Read.Do. Compliance

    Watch a short overview of each regulatory or legislative change, read through the detail of the change, and download a checklist to implement the change within your business. Each update is accompanied by policy and procedure templates, forms or documents (where required), and expert guidance on how to meet the new requirements.

  • Multi-Sector Coverage

    Our updates cover multiple heavily regulated operating environments including the NDIS, Aged Care Home Care, Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC), and DVA Community Nursing. Stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes in these sectors, as well as important operational updates including WHS, Employment, and Privacy.

  • NDIS Core Standards Policy and Procedure Templates

    Access our library of 60+ NDIS Core Standards policy and procedure templates, including policies for Governance and Management and Participant Service Delivery. Each template is updated by our industry experts when a change occurs, with the new version made available for you to download from your Provider Institute dashboard.

  • NDIS Specialist Policy and Procedure Templates

    Our NDIS Specialist policy and procedure templates have been developed to meet the Specialist Modules of the NDIS Practice Standards. Whether you’re delivering services under Early Childhood, Positive Behaviour Support, Restrictive Practices, SDA, Support Coordination, or SIL, you can rest assured that we have the documentation you need to stay compliant.

  • Aged Care Home Care Policy and Procedure Templates

    Compliant and up-to-date policies and procedure templates that meet the requirements of all Aged Care Quality Standards as they apply to Aged Care Home Care, including policies for Governance and Management, Consumer Service Delivery, and Clinical Service Delivery.

  • Specialist Registration Packages

    Apply for or renew your registration under NDIS Verification, SDA, NSW SSRC or DVA Community Nursing with our do-it-yourself template packs. Each pack includes expert guidance to help you tailor the documentation to your individual business requirements, and are updated by our industry experts when any changes occur.

  • Supporting Forms and Documents

    Our supporting forms and documents packs have been developed to assist in the day to day operations and running of your business. These packs support both NDIS and Aged Care, as well as a collection of general documentation suitable for use across all sectors.

  • Monthly Compliance Digests

    At the end of each month, all members receive an aggregated digest outlining all of the changes that have occurred on the platform.

We’ve supported thousands of Community Sector organisations to maintain their ongoing compliance obligations.

Start your journey toward achieving and maintaining compliance

We understand that community service provider businesses come in all sizes and are at different stages of their service delivery journey. That’s why Provider Institute is a flexible platform that can adapt to the needs of any organisation.

With no platform lock-ins, our documentation is developed in easy to use Word or Excel templates that can be tailored to your individual needs, using the systems and software that you already have in place.

Quality Management for Community Service Providers, Big or Small.

From start-ups to established organisations, all community service providers can count on the expert guidance, advice, and on-the-ground knowledge delivered by Provider Institute to establish an effective Quality Management System and maintain their ongoing Compliance obligations.

Benefits & Pricing

Why Community Organisations Recommend Provider Institute

Provider Institute is a leading consultant agency for the NDIS and Aged Care sectors. The guidance, direction, time and quality of service that PI has provided to our organisation is outstanding. Belinda, Christine and their team are industry experts in policy, process and auditing requirements; and ensure that our legal and compliance obligations are always met, and successful outcomes are achieved.

Circle of Hope
Circle of Hope

Provider Institute have demonstrated consistent and reliable services to support our organisation for over 5 years. In this time we have successfully completed NDIS and Aged Care audits and found the expert guidance, support and resources which Provider Institute provided exceeded our expectations. The team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns which takes the stress out of any audit process. I would recommend Provider Institute to any organisation seeking quality compliance with their operations.

Managing Director | Newcastle and Hunter Community Health

I am delighted to share my experience with Provider Institute, and how they helped our company Oceania Care in preparing for audits. Their team of experts provided us with valuable insights and guidance, which helped us streamline our operations and get ready for the audit in a timely manner. With their guidance, we were able to pass the audit twice with ease. What impressed us the most about Provider Institute was the level of dedication and support that they provided. Their staff, especially Belinda, was always available to assist us with any questions or concerns we had about the audit. Her expertise and guidance helped us to be better prepared for the audit, and gave us a greater sense of confidence going through the process. Overall, I would highly recommend Provider Institute to any company in need of policy and audit preparation services. Their team of experts delivers quality services with a high level of dedication and professionalism. Thank you, Provider Institute, for helping our company achieve success in our audits.

Oceania Care
Director | Oceania Care

We’ve engaged Provider Institute for approximately 3 years as a compliance consultant. We’ve successfully completed 2 audits, the most recent being in March 2023. We’ve been provided great feedback from auditors in relation to the work that we’ve done with a huge amount of assistance from Provider Institute including policies and procedures and data collection that has been brought on from the influence of Provider Institute. We’ve received direct feedback from auditors, that it makes their job easy when they’re looking at documents that are templates of and have originated from Provider Institute as they’re clear and fulfill all standards. Belinda and Christine are extremely flexible and will work with you to gain the optimal result, flexibility, practicality and reliability is something we need and this has been provided by Provider Institute for our whole engagement with them. I would highly recommend Provider Institute to anyone who wants to successfully move your business forward in compliance.

General Manager | DependableCare

We engaged the Provider Institute of Australia to provide us with NDIS consulting services, and we were extremely impressed with their professionalism and expertise. They assisted us in preparing for audits and offered us valuable guidance throughout the entire process. We found their services to be of exceptional quality, and they always addressed our inquiries and concerns in a timely and efficient manner. One consultant who stood out to us was Belinda. Her dedication to her clients was truly remarkable, and we were grateful for her unwavering commitment to our needs. She went above and beyond to ensure that we received the best possible service and that our goals were met. We firmly believe that Belinda is the ideal consultant for anyone seeking NDIS consulting services. We would highly recommend the Provider Institute of Australia to anyone in need of NDIS consulting services. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to their clients are truly remarkable. We are grateful for their assistance and would not hesitate to engage them again in the future.

Care N Help
Director | Care N Help

Provider Institute saves us time and gives us confidence knowing our practices continue to align with changing industry standards. I used to spend a lot of time sifting through information to stay up to date and maintain compliance. It gives me confidence now knowing I have the reliable information I need, in one spot, to discuss with my team and implement changes. It’s made a real difference, I don’t know why I put it off!

Harmony Homecare

I’ve been given back hours in my days to focus on what’s most important to me – helping my clients. It’s a weight off my shoulders knowing that when industry changes happen, I can go into Provider Institute and get the information I need on how I can implement the changes in my business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Subscription?

Becoming a provider is only the first step in delivering supports to vulnerable members of our community. Provider Institute’s resources are designed to support providers through any industry changes that may impact on day to day business operations. With an ongoing subscription, you can rest assured knowing that our templates and resources will always be updated to align with changes, and that our Watch.Read.Do compliance feature will keep you and your team informed and educated about what those changes mean to you.

How Will a Subscription Save Me Money?

As a provider operating in the community sector, you will be required to undergo Audit. Whether this is an Audit under the NDIS, or a Quality Review in Aged Care, audits are, and will continue to be, a pivotal part of maintaining your approval status. Not only this, but audits exist to ensure your business is doing the right thing by the people it supports.

A large part of the Audit process is a review of your documentation and processes to ensure your business is up to date and aligned with the latest legislative and regulatory requirements. Unfortunately, with the consistent changes, staying current with this information is a cost of your time, money and internal resources. And that’s precisely why Provider Institute’s subscription model exists – we source the changes, send you the updates, let you know what they mean and provide advice on how to implement the changes in your business.

By staying on top of these changes with up to date documentation, you reduce the risk of non-compliance at audit – saving you time, money, stress and resources in the long run. It’s that simple.

How does Provider Institute differ to a compliant CMS?

It is common to see CMS providers offering a ‘compliant’ system, however we need to be mindful of the wording associated with some of these systems (e.g., NDIS Compliant CMS or NDIS Compliant Software) as it can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Software providers may say they’re compliant by providing the latest Price Guide or Fee Schedule as an example, but this does not mean your organisation will meet its compliance requirements at audit. A compliant CMS absolutely helps, but it doesn’t explain how to manage and implement a client’s funding, how to update Service Agreements or ensure that staff understand what requirements are in practice. And that’s where Provider Institute comes in! You can read more about the differences between CMS compliance and organisational compliance here.

Does Provider Institute Support Organisations Of All Sizes?

Yes! With Provider Institute Teams, you can add or remove users at any time. From sole traders to large organisations, we’ve got you covered.

Can I Cancel, Upgrade or Downgrade Later?

You certainly can. No matter which plan you choose when signing up, you can always change it at a later time.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

All subscriptions and product purchases can be made by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Is My Payment Information Secure?

Yes. We use Stripe to process all payments through Provider Institute. Stripe is a global online payment processer that exceeds the most stringent security standards.

When Do I Pay?

The payment for your first billing period will be taken upfront. We’ll email a reminder of your upcoming renewal 7 days prior to your next billing date.

The search for a flexible, trustworthy and reliable Quality Management System is over!

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