Aged Care - A Rapidly Changing Sector

Since the introduction of Consumer Directed Care in 2015, aged care consumers have been given increasingly greater choice over the way they receive services to help with their wellbeing and care at home. The industry is currently undergoing a raft of reforms following the Royal Commission into Aged Care. These will impact every aspect of the Aged Care sector, including in-home care.

The changes mean that while Australia’s population continues to age, and new providers are keen to enter sector, the expectations on providers to deliver safe, high-quality care, that meets industry Standards and public expectations is also increasing.

We Can Help You Deliver Safe and High-Quality Aged Care Home Care Services

Provider Institute’s team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to its Aged Care Home Care services. We can help you with:

Aged Care Home Care Policies and Procedures

Provider Institute is your Aged Care Home Care Quality Management expert.

Our policies and procedures meet the Aged Care Quality Standards, as well as all Home Care requirements, and are tailored to your business and how you operate.

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Aged Care Application Coaching

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission expects applicants to demonstrate their understanding of what is required to be an approved Aged Care Provider. This means that ideally you should write your own application to become an Approved Aged Care Provider. But you’re not on your own.

Our Aged Care experts have developed a comprehensive Aged Care Application Coaching Workbook that will step you through the Application Form, your responsibilities, and how to develop your responses.

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And check out our tips on the Aged Care Home Care Application Process below!

Keep Up to Date with Changes in the Sector

Our Watch. Read. Do. compliance updates will keep you across the ever-changing requirements of Aged Care Home Care providers. Our updates apply to all aspects of operating a business in the human services sector and include policy and procedure templates where updated documentation is required.

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My PIA Hours

My PIA Hours are hourly blocks of time with one of our experienced consultants. You can use this time to seek one-on-one advice and support suited to your unique circumstances.

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A few tips on the Aged Care Home Care Application Process

Provider Institute’s focus is on helping Aged Care Home Care providers deliver safe and high-quality services to older Australians. We are the experts in quality management and best-practice service delivery. As such, we don’t provide specific Aged Care Application services. However, here are a few tips for new businesses looking to get approved:

  1. You need three key pieces of documentation to support your application:
    • The application itself. Purchase our Aged Care Application Coaching Workbook to help you and your team prepare a quality application. Ensure you are using the latest version of the Application provided by the Aged Care Commission.
    • Compliant and up-to-date Aged Care Home Care Policies and Procedures. Find out more about how we can support you with this.
    • A comprehensive Business Plan. Our friends at the Business Plan Company can help you with yours.
  2. There are now fees to apply – starting at over $8,000. Find out more on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Approved Provider Application Fee webpage.
  3. It’s tough to get approval. According to the latest data, in the October to December 2022 quarter, 12 applications were approved, and 38 were declined. In the January to March 2023 quarter, one application to become an Approved Home Care Provider was approved, while 12 were rejected. Committing dedicated time and resources to your application is essential.
  4. If another consulting agency tells you they can write your application for you and have a 100% success rate, they’re probably lying! The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission expects applicants to write their own applications – and they will reject applications where they find a provider has not been up front about this. And, based on the data quoted above, any claims of 100% success should be very critically considered.