Care Management System Compliance vs Organisational Compliance – is a ‘compliant’ CMS enough?

CMS Compliance Vs. Organisational Compliance - is a 'compliant' CMS enough?

Most organisations understand that meeting legislative and regulatory requirements is a fundamental part of running a business. How does Care Management System Compliance compare to Organisational Compliance when it comes to passing audits?

Managing your NDIS or Aged Care compliance obligations under the various Acts, Regulations, Advisory Codes (Principles/Standards/Codes of Practice) is also essential to maintaining your approval status. It also gives a level of certainty and reassurance to clients and others that the business is doing the right thing by the people it supports, and confidence in the way services are delivered.

As the NDIS and Aged Care sectors continue to reform and expand, we are seeing a growing number of Care Management Systems (CMSs) entering the market – each offering their own unique blend of functionality, sophistication and design. A CMS is a computer software platform used to streamline the operational needs of an organisation and boost efficiency. It allows you to organise large amounts of digital content from an array of sources. While they differ in appearance and features, they all share a common desire to help service providers manage their operations, improve efficiencies and deliver transparency on areas like financials, staff activity and client care.

Is a Compliant CMS Enough?

It is common to see CMS providers offering a ‘compliant’ system, however we need to be mindful of the wording associated with some of these systems (e.g., NDIS Compliant CMS or NDIS Compliant Software) as it can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Software providers may say they’re compliant by providing the latest Price Guide or Fee Schedule as an example, but this does not mean your organisation will meet its compliance requirements at audit. A compliant CMS absolutely helps, but it doesn’t explain how to manage and implement a client’s funding, how to update Service Agreements or ensure that staff understand what requirements are in practice. A CMS manages data, but it doesn’t create data. As the old saying goes, rubbish in = rubbish out!

So, how do you make a compliant system work for you – so that you have organisational compliance? Firstly, having a good understanding of what your CMS can and cannot do in terms of record-keeping and data management will be important.

From there, understanding what your obligations are and setting up processes for staff to follow will be essential. And then, when regulations or standards change, understanding what they mean and how to apply them in your organisation – within your chosen CMS – is key.

We strongly encourage providers to utilise the many benefits of a compliant CMS, although just like a policy and procedure manual, it still needs to be effectively implemented to be worthwhile (and is what the auditors will want to see!).

If you are keen to check out some CMS providers who ‘get it’, you can also check out our Exclusive Partners page. Or you can check our blog post comparing a few of the available options.

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, managing your business can be a stressful and demanding activity. Co-ordinating and organising all day-to-day operations, leading your teams, caring for clients, managing cash flows and staffing, and ensuring you have the correct policies and procedures in place can be overwhelming. This is where Provider Institute of Australia can help!

How Provider Institute Can Help

Provider Institute is an interactive compliance portal that helps you discover, understand and implement the legislative and regulatory changes that directly impact your organisation. We take the time to interpret the changes and then provide guidance and support to implement processes that complement your CMS. Provider Institute membership provides the following benefits:

  • Stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations with Provider Institute’s easy-to-understand Watch.Read.Do. system.
  • A comprehensive library of policy and procedure templates, supporting forms and operational documents for NDIS, Aged Care (Home Care), SSRC (NSW) and DVA Community Nursing providers.
  • Support your NDIS Certification, Verification or SDA registration or renewal, or Aged Care (Home Care), SSRC or DVA Community Nursing delivery with quick and easy online ordering of tailored and template policy and procedure packs.
  • Access to our Support Desk and Live Chat functions so you can ask questions any time. Be supported to meet your compliance obligations and always be ready for audit.
  • Free webinars and courses outlining how to implement changing compliance obligations, so you and your staff feel confident.

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