NDIS Audit Support

Your NDIS Audit makes sure you comply with the quality and safety obligations you have to NDIS Participants.

They also help you to identify any ‘gaps’ in compliance – areas where you currently aren’t meeting the Standards, or where you could be doing something more or different in order to meet – or even exceed – the Standards.

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Some organisations are simply inexperienced in the NDIS Audit process, while others – for a range of reasons – lack confidence in their own quality systems and processes.

This can cause a range of negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, and frustration that can spread like wildfire through a team – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Being prepared and knowing what to expect at audit will help you navigate the process with confidence.

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Cover art of Provider Institute's What to Expect at an NDIS Audit downloadable guide, outlining the differences between an NDIS Verification audit and NDIS Certification audit

Our ‘Simple Guide to What to Expect at an NDIS Audit’ is available for free to all members.

Make sure your organisation is prepared and confident at your next NDIS audit with the support of Provider Institute of Australia. We can:

  • Evaluate your Quality Management System

    Undertake a review of your current systems and processes against a nominated set of standards (e.g. NDIS Practice Standards).

  • Review your organisation's governance, risk management and management controls

    Assess the effectiveness of your governance structure, and processes used to manage your organisational and operational risks.

  • Make sure you are operating in accordance with the relevant standards and legislation

    Identify any changes that have occurred in compliance requirements and whether your organisation is meeting them.

  • Provide a full report with insights and recommendations

    Detailed description of any non-conformities and potential opportunities for improvement.

  • Provide onsite training and implementation support

    Training for your team to understand compliance requirements or support with any changes that need to be implemented.

  • Technical advice, strategies and practical solutions

    Our team can assist with finding the best way for your organisation to deliver services, to meet your client’s needs, engage your staff and manage your business effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NDIS Audit

Why do you need an NDIS audit?

All NDIS providers must undergo audit as part of the registration and registration renewal process, where you will be required to demonstrate how you comply with the NDIS Practice Standards.

Contrary to popular belief, having NDIS policies and procedures in place does not automatically mean you comply with the applicable Standards, legislation and regulations. In fact, determining whether you are compliant comes down to your Audit Team answering three key questions:

  1. Do you have a documented process in place? (e.g. policies and procedures)
  2. Are you executing the process (have evidence you are following the policies and procedures)?
  3. Do your clients agree that you are executing the process (feedback from others confirms what you say is happening is actually happening)?

Who conducts NDIS audits?

NDIS Audits must be conducted by people who are qualified auditors, working for a business that is an accredited or approved auditing body. Under the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework, auditors are called Approved Quality Auditors.

They are defined as a body or person approved by the NDIS Commission to conduct audits against the NDIS Practice Standards. Only auditors who have attended NDIS Auditor Training and work for Approved Quality Auditing bodies can conduct audits for NDIS Commission purposes. All approved auditors are required to meet a Code of Conduct and a copy of this can be provided to you by your auditing body.

What types of audit are there?

There are two specific types of audit, the type of which you will be required to undergo is dependent on the supports you provide:

  1. NDIS Verification Audit – for providers delivering low-risk supports, and
  2. NDIS Certification Audits – for providers delivering higher risk supports

If you are looking to register as a NDIS provider, you can review the list of NDIS registration groups and determine your registration pathway with our VeriCert Tool.

What is a NDIS Verification audit?

There is no face-to-face contact required in an NDIS Verification audit as the auditors only need to review documents that provide evidence of how you comply with the Standards. Documentary evidence includes policies and procedures, supporting documents such as registers and report templates and copies of staff qualifications and criminal history checks.

Despite undergoing a simpler audit process, businesses requiring Verification should still be aware of the three important components of compliance, detailed above.

What is a NDIS Certification audit?

Certification audits are more intensive than Verification audits, comprised of a desktop review of documentation, as well as an onsite assessment. Certification audits apply to higher risk or higher complexity businesses delivering higher risk supports.