NDIS Consultant Support for Your NDIS Registration or Renewal Needs

Need help navigating the NDIS process or deciding which Provider Institute registration pack is right for you? Our NDIS Consultant team can help!

Leave your details below and we will provide you with the precise information and resources you need to get your NDIS registration journey underway based on your individual requirements.

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  • NDIS Consultant Support

    As the first organisation in Australia to introduce an Australia-wide NDIS Provider Registration support service, we’ve built a strong reputation based on three main principles:

    • Quality: We work collaboratively to ensure our knowledge, advice and service delivery is of the highest quality.
    • Credibility: We are passionate about inspiring best practice in community services.
    • Transparency: We are upfront and honest.

    We will prepare your documentation and help you navigate the process while providing practical coaching around your responsibilities as a disability services provider.

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  • A stressed NDIS Provider sits at computer with head in hands as she prepares for Audit

  • Take the Stress Out of your NDIS Audit

    NDIS Audits make sure you comply with the quality and safety obligations you have to NDIS Participants. They also help you to identify any ‘gaps’ in compliance – areas where you currently aren’t meeting the Standards, or where you could be doing something more or different in order to meet – or even exceed – the Standards.

    When the time comes, our NDIS consultant team can help you to:

    • Evaluate your internal quality systems
    • Review your organisation’s governance, risk management and management controls
    • Make sure you are operating in accordance with the relevant standards and legislation
    • Provide a full report with insights and recommendations
    • Provide onsite training and implementation support

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  • Registration Renewal Support

    As a full-service NDIS consultant, we’re here to help you at every step of your provider journey. This includes helping you to understand and prepare for renewal.

    All NDIS Providers are required to renew their registration in line with the date listed on their Certificate of Registration. The renewal process allows the NDIS Commission to assess whether the supports and services being provided to NDIS Participants are in line with the Quality and Safeguarding requirements.

    Get the support you need, when you need it so you can continue to do what you do best – helping your clients.

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  • NDIS Consultant Expertise

    Our team continues to raise the benchmark that others can only follow. We bring together practical education, high-quality documentation, and exceptional service to make sure every business we support walks away with confidence and the best chance of success.

    Becoming a provider can be a challenging, complex, and timely task. We understand that to get to your destination, you need flexible support with the best expertise backing you every step of the way.

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