Aged Care Application Coaching Workbook


Please Note: This document was originally developed in 2021. Some changes may have occurred to the application process since the original publication date, however, the general guidance provided remains the same.

Get your Aged Care application completed with the support of this 87-page comprehensive instructional workbook backed by Provider Institute’s Aged Care experts!

We understand that it’s beneficial for you to complete your application form yourself (to show the Commission your understanding of, and commitment to, being an Aged Care Home Care Package provider).

We also understand the hardest part of the application process is the Application Form itself.

Provider Institute’s Aged Care Application Coaching Workbook is the perfect guide to help you better understand the Application Form, your responsibilities, and how to develop your responses.

The Coaching Workbook covers every Home Care application question to educate you on the legislation, standards, and how to put your best application forward; to give you the best chance of being approved!

The purchase of this workbook includes one free month’s access to Provider Institute, to help you stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes as they occur. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

This guidance workbook is not to be used as your application form. You must download the most up to date version of the application form from the Commission’s website at the time of applying.

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Aged Care Application - Home Care Coaching Workbook

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