NDIS Provider Registration and Renewal Policies and Procedures

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NDIS Provider Registration can be a costly, complex, and timely process. That’s why we’ve developed this time-sensitive and cost-effective solution to your NDIS Provider Registration, NDIS Renewal or NDIS Documentation Update requirements.

  • Register, Renew or Update Your Existing Documentation
  • Quick & Easy Online Purchase Process
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What's included?

When choosing Provider Institute to support you through your NDIS Registration or NDIS Renewal journey, you will receive:

  • Policies and procedures that are specific to your business and meet the requirements of all NDIS Practice Standards that apply to your NDIS service delivery, backed by Provider Institute’s Australia-wide Quality Guarantee!^
  • 1-month free access to Provider Institute’s compliance portal, where you can download and tailor the supporting documents you will need to implement your policies and procedures,
  • NDIS SmartPlan for Businesses, that will provide guidance on completing the NDIS provider registration and renewal processes, and
  • Access to a Self-Assessment Against the NDIS Practice Standards Course (available with your Provider Institute membership) to help you complete the self-assessment that is included in your NDIS registration or renewal application.

I need my existing documentation updated to meet the New NDIS Practice Standards. Is this product suitable?

This is the perfect solution to have your documentation updated in line with the New NDIS Practice Standards that came into effect on 15 November, 2021. Simply make your selections below and we’ll tailor the documentation to your business and ensure that your policies meet the new standards.

What happens after my purchase is complete?

When your purchase is complete, your order will be handed over to our NDIS Registration Experts who will commence your project for you. This will involve the following steps:

  1. You will be contacted via email within 1 working day to arrange a suitable day and time for our team to conduct an information-gathering session
  2. Your information gathering session will take place via telephone. Please Note: This is when the 3 week turnaround time will commence*
  3. Development of your Policies and Procedures will begin based on the information supplied
  4. We will send you your documents and information on how to access your free Provider Institute membership (which includes access to our Self-Assessment Against the NDIS Practice Standards Course)

Does this package include ongoing consultation and support?

You can bundle Provider Institute (PIA) Hours with your purchase (the final step when building your package). PIA hours are blocks of hours that allow you to access direct support from Provider Institute’s Social Impact Consulting team. PIA Hours can be used for a range of supports, such as dedicated consultant time, self-assessment review, and tailoring supporting documents such as participant and staff handbooks, service agreements, feedback forms, privacy statements, etc.

Provider Institute’s other service offerings include assistance with audit; internal audit support, workshops, and dedicated support including strategic planning, succession planning, risk assessment, and audit preparation.

PIA Hours are flexible, so you can always purchase more hours when you need them.

When does the 3 week turnaround time begin?

The 3 weeks’ turnaround timeframe begins from the completion of the onboarding process, which includes an information gathering session with one of Provider Institute’s NDIS Registration experts. The 3-week timeframe does not include public holidays and the Christmas shut down period.

What is Provider Institute's 'Quality Guarantee'?

Provider Institute’s ‘Quality Guarantee’ means we guarantee the quality of our policies and procedures, including at audit.

I have a few questions before making my purchase. Is there someone I can speak with?

Absolutely! We encourage you to read through our NDIS Registration FAQs. If you still have questions, simply Request a Callback from our specialist consulting team. They’ll clear up any questions you have and help you make your purchase over the phone.

Note: All business-related questions asked in the following steps must be completed accurately, and in full, in order for your tailored documentation to be provided within 3 weeks. Additional follow-up or support required from Provider Institute, or changes to the scope of your documentation resulting from incorrect information being provided, will attract additional fees.

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  • Step One — Read the NDIS Provider Guide

    For a great snapshot of the industry and the things you’ll need to consider as a provider of disability services in Australia.

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  • Step Two — Use Our VeriCert Tool

    Use our free VeriCert tool to determine which Registration pathway you will need to follow.

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Step Three — Begin your NDIS registration journey with Provider Institute.

Select your registration groups below and complete your order – we’ll take care of the rest!

Please Note: If you fall under Verification, you can purchase our Verification Pack that contains everything you need to complete the registration process and undergo your Verification Audit.

Product Quantity
Core Module

Policies and Procedures developed to comply with the Core Module of the NDIS Practice Standards. Please select the Registration Groups that you intend to deliver:

Please indicate if you will be:

  • supporting participants with medication management;
  • dealing with waste such as clinical or pharmaceutical waste


Note: Providers implementing behaviour support plans / using restrictive practices in the delivery of any of the above NDIS supports and services must also meet the Implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans Module

At no additional charge, the following Policies and Procedures (related to service delivery under the Core Module) can be included in your policy and procedure manual. Please select any that you require:


Note: This Registration Group applies to the delivery of Supported Independent Living (SIL), Short Term Accommodation (STA), Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) and Individualised Living Options (ILO).

To deliver these services, you must also comply with the Implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans ModuleThis has been selected for you below.

In addition, if you are delivering any of these services, the following policies and procedures can also be provided, at no extra charge.


Note: This Registration Group applies to the delivery of Level 1: Support Connection and Level 2: Coordination of Supports.

To deliver Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination services, you must also comply with the Specialist Support Co-ordination ModuleThis has been selected for you below.


Note: The delivery of Therapeutic Supports Services may be required to be offered via Telehealth. If you are delivering this service, the Delivering Telehealth Sessions Policy and Procedure will also be included.


Note: The delivery of supports by a Psychosocial Recovery Coach also fall under this Registration Group. If you are delivering this service, the Recovery Coach Services Policy and Procedure will also be included.


Note:The delivery of supports by a Individualised Living Options also fall under this Registration Group. If you are delivering this service, the Individualised Living Options Policy and Procedure will also be included.

Specialist Support Coordination (3 Additional Standards)
Early Childhood Early Intervention (7 Additional Standards)
SDA (5 Additional Standards)
Developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans (7 additional standards)
Implementing Positive Support Plans + SIL (8 additional standards)
High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (7 additional standards)
My PIA Hours

The above fees apply to policies and procedures that relate to operations in one Australian state or territory. Please select which state or territory you operate in.

Additional fees apply if you operate in more than one state or territory, as relevant state government requirements must be incorporated. Please select any additional states and/or territories you operate in.

Have you operated or been associated with a business, including Family Day Care or a Registered Training Organisation, that has been deregistered or suspended by a government agency?

The Suitability Assessment undertaken by the NDIS Commission as part of your registration application or renewal may find your business or its Key Personnel unsuitable to operate an NDIS business. You may way want to reconsider applying to register as an NDIS Provider. Provider Institute recommends contacting the NDIS Commission if you are unsure about your suitability to become a NDIS Registered Provider.

Provider Institute recommends contacting the NDIS Commission if you are unsure about your suitability to become a NDIS Registered Provider.

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