Hello! We are Provider Institute

Our mission at Provider Institute is to empower providers (like you) with the right information, at the right time, with the right advice relevant to their business. We want to help take the pressure off day-to-day operations and put the focus back where it belongs – supporting our vulnerable communities.

We’ve been supporting social sector organisations, government and businesses to deliver best practice services since 2015. Over this time, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about operating a successful provider business. We’ve also garnered quite the reputation for developing industry-leading documentation (that Auditor’s LOVE!), backed by expert knowledge and support, and delivered with an education-first approach.

Why Provider Institute?

As a provider operating in the community sector, you will be required to undergo Audit. Whether this is an Audit under the NDIS, or a Quality Review in Aged Care, audits are, and will continue to be, a pivotal part of maintaining your approval status. Not only this, but audits exist to ensure your business is doing the right thing by the people it supports.

A large part of the Audit process is a review of your documentation and processes to ensure your business is up to date and aligned with the latest legislative and regulatory requirements. Unfortunately, with the consistent changes, staying current with this information is a cost of your time, money and internal resources. And that’s precisely why Provider Institute exists – we source the changes, send you the updates, let you know they mean and provide advice on how to implement the changes in your business. It’s that simple.

What if you can’t afford it?

We know what you’re thinking: Not ANOTHER subscription service! Let us provide some perspective. Before the pandemic hit, our core business model was built on face-to-face, one on one consulting support. We’ll be the first to tell you that this model of support is expensive. As we’ve moved through the pandemic, we’ve come to find that almost all of our services can be delivered at a fraction of the price. How? Online.

At a time where everyone – businesses and individuals alike – are tightening their belts due to an increased cost of living and budget constraints, we know that managing your cashflow is of utmost importance. That said, it’s important to look at where cost saving measures can be put in place. An Provider Institute membership compared to a full time Compliance Manager? We’ll let you do the sums.

Why Join Us?

We could spend this time listing the countless benefits of joining Provider Institute, but we’ll let our plan comparison do this for you. Instead, we’ll tell you that every single interaction you have with Provider Institute is guided by the core values that have positioned us as one of the key leaders in the Industry: Reliable, Trustworthy, Genuine, Responsive and Human.

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